Writing over the holidays

I love most things about the holidays. I love that our girls and their guys come to visit. I like hearing from friends whom I don’t hear from very often and catching up with their lives (I’m not a Facebook fan, so Christmas cards are still a yearly event at our house). I like the bounce in peoples’ steps, the smiles on their faces. I love all the decorations. I don’t, however, enjoy the extra cleaning that goes with having company. I don’t enjoy fighting traffic as I scramble to finish last minute shopping. I could also do without wrapping presents. But the number one thing (by far and away) I don’t like about the holidays is that I have so very little time to write.

This year it’s more annoying than it was the past few years because I’m smack in the middle of a new project—a new project that’s been going so well the book is nearly writing itself. I have managed to snare a few days to devote to my writing (and reading/critiquing with Julia) over the past few weeks, but for the most part, my book (and new posts for this blog!!) has been on hold. There are just too many other things that need to get done. This is nothing new, of course; it’s happened to me many times over the years. Most times I’m able to settle back into a daily writing schedule by the first of the year, but there have been other times when it’s taken months.

Interrupting our flow as writers is never a good idea, but sometimes it simply can’t be helped. The holiday season is one of those times. Rather than getting frustrated, let’s give ourselves a pass. No guilty feelings about unmet goals. No sleepless nights worrying about whether we’ll recapture the flow. Of course we will! We’re writers. But we’re people, too. And on that end, I’d like to wrap this up by wishing all of our readers and fellow writers a very Merry Christmas and an incredibly safe and Happy New Year!