When Writers take up Carpentry~



The tent for all Connie’s carpentry equipment.

Anyone who visits this blog will notice that Connie Kirchberg has not posted in quite some time. That does not mean people do not read her books. I can vouch for the fact that they do. Her books sell. The readers give compliments. Maggie Inside Out is a crime fiction novel that my own students have been enjoying!

But Connie has been busy and it has not been at a computer (although once in a while she finds herself in front of one).  While she does do computer work for her husband’s business, and can rightly be called his “on retainer” associate with computer expertise, among other things, Connie has many other talents. One of these is carpentry, which she has dabbled in for years. She is the kind of gal who can fix and remodel all on her own, although her husband Jody is just as capable.  They can often be found doing team work!


Connie’s beautiful small gazebo made to shade a bench!



All of these structures were built by my friend. The larger gazebo was built some time ago (note the curtains she has hung inside it.) Just to the left of that gazebo is the shaded breezeway where Connie does most of the carpentry work.

Last time I visited Connie, I had a few surprises, all in the back yard. The photos tell a lot of that tale. I found the ambiance inspiring. I have always wanted to learn carpentry, but I know it is a lot of work.

So when writers aren’t writing books or articles, it stands to reason they are doing something else. In Connie’s case, a lot of wood has been involved.

I am so impressed. Can’t wait to see what she has done next!