How to be a Mean Teacher

September 23rd, 11:59am
Just wanted to Make sure I wrote the essay for The right prompt … Can you let me know which ones they were? Again thanks
September 23rd, 1:16pm

Are you talking about the second essay?The second essay prompts are on my Facebook wall.

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September 23rd, 3:37pm
noir_animals_animal_thumbnailI do not see them
Sunday 4:24pm
Would you mind telling me what the two promts for the mid term are ?
Sunday 6:04pm
Were you not listening?
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Sunday 7:34pm
I was . You said 2 and fourth one. I just don’t remember of what chapter.
Sunday 10:08pm
Do you remember the writer we were talking about?
Whom did we discuss last week. Whom have we written nothing about yet? There is only one writer.
Sunday 10:38pm
Frederick Douglass
Sunday 11:00pm
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She remembered!


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