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We, the publishers at Grassroots Writers’ Guild, are pleased to announce that author Sylvia Fowler’s exotic, touching and highly romantic memoir, The Red Sea Bride, is now available on Amazon Kindle. In honor of this moment, we offer the late Carol Fleming Al-Ajroush’s review of Fowler’s book. Carol was the originator of the extremely popular blog, American Bedu, on which could be found everything of interest to those who were from the West and lived in Saudi Arabia (or those who were from Saudi Arabia and wondered about those who had come to their country to live). Carol reviewed the first manuscript of this memoir, when it had an agent but no publisher. Since then, The Red Sea Bride has gone through edits and market studies. It is now available to the world!


Carol writes, “American Bedu recently completed reading the book The Red Sea Bride. The Red Sea Bride is an autobiography of Sylvia Fowler, a woman who met her Saudi husband when was a student in Texas during the 1980s. They had a fast courtship and were soon married. Instead of her dream of becoming an international journalist, she found herself a young mother and new wife living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“This was before the internet was readily available in Saudi Arabia. This was before it was natural for most homes to have satellite TV. Sylvia found herself in a new land with a new husband and where everyone spoke a language she did not understand.

“Sylvia shares her experiences of starting out married life in the same building where her mother-in-law and other extended family members lived. She describes in heartfelt detail the challenges of raising a son who is different from his cousins because he has lighter skin and does not speak the language.

“Sylvia spent nearly twenty years in the port city of Jeddah. During this period she raises her children, grows apart from her husband and integrates herself into her Saudi family. She shares her downfalls and her triumphs. She educates the reader of Saudi customs and traditions that only someone within the circle of a Saudi family can know.

“The Red Sea Bride is complete with pictures is complete¬† with pictures of Sylvia and her life in Jeddah through the years. It is a must-read for any woman considering marrying a Saudi man and making a life with him in Saudi Arabia.

“To order your own copy of The Red Sea Bride, click on the link.”

With much love to Carol; you were one who did good and spread understanding between cultures.

May God bless your sweet soul! Ameen.



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