Brain Stem Editing

I adore my students, which I prove by often posting their amazing essays. However, some of what a teacher does takes work and results in stress. I put the following question to my very talented friend Heather Jamieson Brown, who was once one of my students, and who is now one of my favorite writers. She is currently writing a two-book Western romance. 1378298_10201520866455379_1600872193_n

Why do I need Tylenol and why do I have to lie down after every editing and grading every two research papers? Why does my digestion more or less stop this time of the semester? Am I weird?

Heather: Good question. My prayers are with you.

Me: Lol thanks for approving the question oh Madame Brainiac. But WHY???

Oh, I thought it was a rhetorical question lol. Hmm…I haven’t finished my coffee yet, but I shall try to come up with a scientifically sound answer for you. Ahem….. the medula oblingata is the part of the brain that controls involuntary things like breathing and digestion, etc. Yours, I think, is hypersensitive. You are artistic so you are naturally a very sensitive person. Beautiful things affect you deeply just as terribly ugly things do to an even deeper degree when it involves writing. When you are working on those research papers, and many of them are trash, it affects your whole system. For you, reading a terribly written research paper is the same as witnessing a horrible multi-vehicle accident where bodies are torn apart and flung through the air. When a student destroys a perfectly good statement with a comma splice, your medula oblingata goes into spasms, causing your intestines to go into contractions and you end up in physical distress.

Me to my readers: I love this woman. She is one of my favorite writers and as you can see, oh agents and editors of the world, hilarious!