Hate Those who Sell our Freedom

facebookThe two greatest values in life are health and freedom. Ask anyone who has managed to safeguard his or her health while living under totalitarian rule, and that person will say that without freedom, health diminishes.

My health diminished while I lived under totalitarian rule for 17 years.

Decline of health is a reality for family members of abusive, totalitarian people.

For the years I lived under totalitarian rule, I thought of the USA as a free country because it is a democracy. A democracy is a state in which the people have the right to vote and speak freely, where they have equal rights, being created equal by God. In a democracy, the people make the rules by which they respect one another’s rights to health and freedom.

Foreign powers are not part of that decision-making process, or at least they had not been, until the emergence of international social platforms like Facebook could sell the rights of a free people away to outside elements, so that our elections were not our own.

I am sickened by Facebook’s willingness to give democracy away for money. Perhaps that group of people who have control over these international social platforms (here is the definition of an oligarchy) do now own and control us.

Then we are no longer a democracy and no longer free.

And you know what’s next if we don’t try to get our right to freedom back.