Dolls and Faires

There is not enough time to do everything that is fun. But we can try.

Attending Renaissance and pirate faires is fun. The danger of being killed is mainly an illusion.  A person can make friends, or find a spouse.

I try very hard to divide my free time between various hobbies because you can only write if you have lived.

Varied activities are important to writers because writing often involves intense reflection, which can be psychologically exhausting.

Finding a hobby that is physical or tactile rather than mental, and which provides instant gratification (by being able to see it or taste it instantly rather than take two weeks to read it, which may not get done) can provide relief to the struggling writer, whether or not he or she is fledgling or established. It is hard to get people to read your manuscript, no matter how good it is. But people will look at a doll or bite into a cookie with amazingly little encouragement. (To see more dolls, please go to

4 thoughts on “Dolls and Faires

  1. That is very true, well with me. I cant write about anything unless i have done it. I put in some made up things into my writing to make it more interesting.


  2. I actually love these. How many do you make on a weekly.. monthly basis? Do you make them from actual people that you have seen at fairs or do you just use your imagination?


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